Uniting the global digital finance community to achieve greater inclusion


The Alliance of Digital Finance Associations unites the digital finance community globally. Our cohesive focus allows for meaningful progress and the acceleration of financial inclusion and well-being. The Alliance promotes an inclusive approach within digital finance to increase diversity, accessibility, and sustainability. We are a bridge to build cohesiveness in the digital finance ecosystem and bring professionals from across the globe together to advocate, ideate, and implement to achieve greater financial resilience and inclusive economic growth, which underpin many of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision is for digital financial services that are inclusive and enable resilience and economic growth 


Support the global exchange of knowledge, information and best practice to enhance capacity in digital finance

Lead the digital finance profession, provide a collective voice on industry issues, and promote in-country expertise

Catalyse innovation and inclusion by facilitating opportunities for networking, collaboration and partnerships

We support the development of country-based associations of digital finance professionals and provide opportunities for them to connect globally with each other and to organisations and institutions working in digital finance and financial inclusion.

Country-based digital finance associations are uniquely positioned, bringing together a diverse set of individuals from across the digital finance ecosystem. From commercial banks, mobile money operators, payment service providers, central banks and regulators, fintechs, microfinance, and the development sector.

For organisations and institutions, The Alliance links you to a network of in-country professionals with a wealth of local knowledge, experience, and expertise across the digital finance ecosystem.

This global networking and collaboration is a catalyst for increasing innovation, uptake of digital financial services and achieving greater financial inclusion.


Our Board members bring a wealth of experience from the digital finance profession, across industries, sectors, and geographies.


Be part of an alliance leading the digital
finance profession and giving the digital finance industry a more equitable and inclusive focus.

The Alliance of Digital Finance Associations is catalysing the international exchange of knowledge and
industry best practices, facilitating opportunities and partnerships for members
to collaborate, and promoting its member’s expertise and achievements.


Welcoming our new Board Chair

Welcoming our new Board Chair

The Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) was founded in 2021 through multilateral agreements between ten founding Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (DFAs). We proudly operate as a membership-based organisation, dedicated to...