Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) establishes, strengthens, and represents Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (DFAs) to drive local digital financial services that are inclusive and enable resilience and economic growth. We convene our members, catalyse action, and are the global voice of the profession.

The Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) is a global hub, uniting associations to cultivate synergy and opportunities whilst amplifying their reach and impact. We are an innovative industry leader, orchestrating collaborative knowledge exchange and identifying industry best practices.

Our Digital Finance and Fintech Association (DFA) Members serve as country focal points, offering unparalleled access to expansive networks and informed industry insights. Leveraging their strategic positioning and expertise, they advocate for enabling regulatory environments and infrastructure, foster relationships and partnerships across the ecosystem, provide technical assistance and consultancy, establish standards and codes of conduct for market behaviour, and enhance capacity within the profession.

By capacitating our DFA Members to deliver in their local markets, and linking them with international partners, we actively nurture industry growth and innovation. This facilitates the provision of responsible and inclusive digital financial products and services, leading to greater financial inclusion and economic growth.

AllianceDFA has three key areas of action


Enhance capacity in digital finance through the development and promotion of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations

We are a global source of expertise on the function, business models, and management of DFAs. We equip boards and leadership teams with operational expertise to lead sustainable DFAs and foster market facilitation. We guide newly forming DFAs and support their growth through our DFA Accelerator Program. Our knowledge bank provides tools and resources to increase the effectiveness, value, and impact of DFAs. Working committees, networking events, webinars, and newsletters create an environment of collaboration, innovation, and growth.


Lead the digital finance and fintech profession, provide a collective voice on industry issues & facilitate the global exchange of knowledge, industry information & best practice

We are a collective voice for the inclusive digital finance and fintech profession. We facilitate industrywide learning, share best practices, and advocate to create inclusive digital financial ecosystems. With our DFA members, we produce thought leadership pieces, hold webinars and capacitybuilding events, and convene working groups to address key industry issues and innovation. We forge partnerships with organisations, disseminating knowledge and insights, and contributing our ontheground industry expertise.


 Catalyse innovation and inclusion by facilitating opportunities for networking, collaboration and partnerships

We drive innovation and collaboration in inclusive digital finance ecosystems.We cultivate a broad network of Partner and DFA Members, offering a hub for connections and access to industry expertise and implementing partners. We actively seek and broker new partnerships that provide opportunities for our DFA Members that enable them to deliver their vision and impact in their markets. We also collaborate with partners to amplify our collective reach and pursue shared goals for impact.


Be part of an alliance leading the digital finance and fintech profession and giving the digital finance industry a more equitable and inclusive focus. Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations is catalysing the international exchange of knowledge and industry best practices, facilitating opportunities and partnerships for members to collaborate, and promoting its member’s expertise and achievement.

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