Become an AllianceDFA Partner Member

AllianceDFA Partner Member Benefits

Global leadership, collaboration, and advocacy

  • An independent, single point of entry to a global network of DFAs and a source of local partners and collaborators
  • DFAs who actively facilitate engagement, mobilise collective action, and stimulate the market to catalyse the growth of the inclusive digital finance industry
  • A collective voice advocating to create an enabling policy and regulatory environment
  • A global network with diverse perspectives, building thought leadership and identifying industry best practice


  • Global footprint of sustainable and effective DFAs leading the inclusive and responsible digital financial services industry
  • Delivery of more inclusive and innovative products and services
  • Facilitating meaningful usage and greater financial inclusion


  • A credible, well-governed, global Alliance ensuring accountability via a reputable fiscal sponsor
  • Oversight and support for DFAs to operate sustainably and maintain effective governance
  • Business model sustainability, reducing dependence on donors
  • Demonstrable evidence of the achievements of AllianceDFA and its DFA Members

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