Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations

Digital Financial Practitioners of Kenya (DFPAK) recently achieved a milestone by receiving the Certificate of Proficiency from the Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA). this certification recognises DFAs that demonstrate exemplary operations and governance across various critical areas, including strategic vision, membership management, governance procedures, revenue strategies, and operational policies.

Insights from DFPAK’s Participation in the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program

DFPAK recently reflected on their experience with the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program, emphasizing significant improvements in their operational capabilities and strategic vision. Here’s a glimpse into their journey:

What changes have you noticed in your association’s operations since completing the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program?

We have observed significant improvements and major upgrades in our documentation. The development of our operational plan has facilitated discussions and consensus on key activities that will maximize our impact. Additionally, we have refined our internal controls and financial guidelines through thorough discussion and redrafting. Strategic discussions have led to an agreement on the steps the association should take to achieve our objectives. Furthermore, we have initiated the process of publishing research papers on various topical subjects of interest to our members.

How has the program helped your association better serve its members and community?

Through extensive consultation with our officials and advisors, we refined our thinking and gained a deeper understanding of our members and the community, including regulators and various government policymakers. We are confident that this process has significantly enhanced our insights.

What would you say to other associations wanting to participate in the program?

We strongly recommend any association aiming to achieve its objectives to participate in this program. It facilitates the development, documentation, and consensus on clear pathways and actionable plans, ultimately enabling the association to fulfill its mission and vision.

By leveraging the program’s resources and guidance, DFPAK has not only streamlined its operations and refined its strategic approach but has also deepened its impact on members and the wider community. As DFPAK continues to innovate and lead in the digital finance sector, their experience serves as a testament to the value of continuous improvement and strategic clarity in advancing organisational goals. Through their commitment to excellence, DFPAK sets a high standard for digital financial practitioners, inspiring others to embrace similar initiatives for sustained growth and community impact.