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Curious about the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program?

Recently, the Fintech Association of Botswana (FAB) were awarded a Certificate of Proficiency from the Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) for successfully completing their Accelerator Program. This certification recognises DFAs that demonstrate exemplary operations and governance across various critical areas, including strategic vision, membership management, governance procedures, revenue strategies, and operational policies.

We asked FAB to share their experience with the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program and reveal how it has supported them as a Digital Finance Association (DFA). See what they had to say about the journey and the insights gained that have shaped their approach to digital finance.

What changes have you noticed in your association’s operations since completing the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program?

The key changes we’ve seen:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: We have streamlined our processes and improved our overall efficiency, allowing us to better manage our resources and serve our members more effectively.
  • Ability to Create Association Wide Systems and Processes: The program enabled us to develop and implement standardized systems and processes across the association, significantly improving our operational coherence and performance.
  • Increased Membership by Over 60%: Since completing the program, our membership has surged by over 60%, reflecting heightened interest and confidence in our association’s value proposition.
  • Introduction of Power Breakfasts Powering Community Engagement: Our Power Breakfast events have become a cornerstone of our community engagement, offering a platform for meaningful discussions on fintech trends and innovations.
  • Increased Social Media Engagement: There has been a significant increase in our social media metrics, including followers, engagement rates, and reach. This has amplified our visibility and presence in the fintech community. Specifically, our page views increased by 81.9% and unique visitors by 73.2% from March to June 2024. Our total engagement metrics have also shown substantial improvement, positioning us in the top 10 among regional fintech associations.
  • Improved Credibility: Regulatory bodies and ministries now take our association more seriously, recognizing our enhanced capabilities and strategic direction.
  • Regional Collaboration Opportunities: We have initiated collaborations with other fintech associations and organizations in the region, facilitating cross border knowledge sharing and joint initiatives.

How has the program helped your association better serve its members and community?

  • Member Services: The program equipped us with tools and strategies to offer more tailored and impactful services to our members, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Community Engagement: We have become more engaged with our community through regular events, webinars, forums, and our popular Power Breakfast sessions, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.
  • Regulatory Support: Improved relationships with regulators have enabled us to provide better support and guidance to our members regarding fintech licensing and compliance.
  • Educational Initiatives: We have launched new educational initiatives, including Fintech Accreditation, Degree programs, to follow masterclasses and workshops, leveraging the expertise gained from the white papers developed.
  • Sandbox Initiatives: We are actively working on sandbox initiatives that allow startups to test their products in a controlled environment, accelerating innovation and adoption.
  • DAO Governance and Web3 Structure: We are exploring decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance and Web3 structures to enhance transparency, member participation, and decision making processes.
  • Regional Collaboration: The program has facilitated opportunities for regional collaboration, allowing us to participate in joint training and learning programs with other fintech associations and organizations.
  • Fintech Learning and Training: We have increased our focus on providing fintech specific learning and training opportunities, helping our members stay ahead of industry trends and developments.

What would you say to other associations wanting to participate in the program?

  • Transformative Experience: Participating in the AllianceDFA Accelerator Program is a transformative experience that can greatly enhance your association’s operations and impact.
  • Enhanced Credibility: The program elevates your association’s credibility with stakeholders, including regulators and ministries, fostering more serious engagements and partnerships.
  • Growth Opportunities: It opens up numerous growth opportunities by improving your service offerings, increasing member engagement, and boosting your social media presence.
  • Valuable Insights: The insights and strategies gained from the program are invaluable, providing a clear roadmap for future success and sustainability.
  • Strategic Goals: The program supports strategic goals such as implementing sandbox environments, exploring DAO governance, and integrating Web3 structures, positioning your association at the forefront of fintech innovation.
  • Regional Collaboration: The program fosters regional collaboration, enabling associations to engage in joint initiatives and share best practices with their counterparts.
  • Fintech Learning and Training: The program enhances the association’s capacity to provide fintech specific learning and training opportunities, benefiting members and the broader community.