The Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) was founded in 2021 through multilateral agreements between ten founding Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (DFAs). We proudly operate as a membership-based organisation, dedicated to supporting and amplifying the impact of DFA Members.

In our founding constitution, provisions were made for the representation of DFA Members on our board, with five of the nine seats being filled by nominated individuals from DFA Members. The remaining seats are held by our CEO and non-member advisors with relevant industry experience, enriching the skillset and knowledge on the board.

Our first board committed that the Board Chair role should, wherever possible, be filled by a DFA member representative, to ensure the strategic direction and vision of AllianceDFA aligns with its members.

More recently during the development of the AllianceDFA Board Charter, it was recognised that the Board Chair role should rotate to foster diverse representation and ensure that DFA members from across the globe are represented in this key position.

In light of these commitments, our inaugural Board Chair, Lito Villanueva, who provided strategic guidance and leadership for almost two years, has decided to pass over the responsibility of Board Chair. Lito’s contributions were instrumental in expanding our membership and activities into Asia, establishing governance arrangements, and enhancing the global visibility of our brand and initiatives. We extend our gratitude and appreciation for Lito’s dedication and visionary leadership. As he transitions from the Chair role, Lito remains an integral member of the Board, and we will continue to benefit from his extensive network, insights, and expertise.

We are delighted to announce that João Gaspar has been elected to assume the role of Board Chair for the next year. João serves as President of Mozambique Fintech Association (Fintech.MZ) and has been serving on the AllianceDFA Board since its establishment in 2022. He brings a wealth of experience in digital finance and financial inclusion, particular in the spheres of telecommunications, fintech, and payments.

João played a crucial role in the formation of AllianceDFA in 2021. Alongside our board secretary Diana Akullu Wanyama, and CEO, Sarah Corley, João was a member of the Steering Committee that created the founding constitution and officially launched AllianceDFA. Fintech.MZ is also a founding member of AllianceDFA.

We are delighted to see João step into the Board Chair role given his passion and dedication to AllianceDFA and we look forward to his impactful leadership and the positive strides he will make in advancing the goals of AllianceDFA.