As we settle into the new year, The Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations is thrilled to announce the addition of four new members to our growing network. We warmly welcome the Association Des Professionnels De La Finance Digitale Au Cameroun, Fintech Association of South Africa (FINASA), Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Kenya and Fintech Association Botswana. Their inclusion expands our existing links and brings fresh ideas, energy, and perspectives to our organization. In particular, we are proud to welcome the Association Des Professionnels De La Finance Digitale Au Cameroun and Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Kenya, which formed from Digital Frontiers’ COP and alumni networks.

At our recent member meeting on March 17th, we had the privilege of having 16 of our 18 members present. It was an insightful session as Joao Gaspar shared the impact and progress of Mozambique in 2023, which includes bringing fintech solutions to the northern region of Mozambique to support financial inclusion, advocacy on regulatory change and running Mozambique Fintech Week. We also had engaging discussions on the focus areas of our working group structure. Three critical areas emerged as our priorities: ethics for the profession, inclusive payments, and cloud computing. We are determined to work collaboratively with external partners to provide valuable insights and recommendations to accelerate progress and promote inclusion in these areas.

In May, we are excited to launch our much-anticipated Accelerator Programme for Digital Finance Associations. This intensive four-month programme is designed to accelerate the growth and impact of our members. It covers six essential areas, including vision, mission, and purpose; membership; governance and a board; business development and activity planning; branding and marketing; and operational management. Through this programme, our members will have access to mentors, experts, and the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and best practices.

We are proud to announce the ten Digital Finance Associations that have been selected to participate in our Accelerator Program. Congratulations to Fintech Association Botswana, ASSOCIATION DES PROFESSIONNELS DE LA FINANCE DIGITALE AU CAMEROUN – APFD-Cam, Association for Digital Finance Practitioners Zambia, Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Kenya (DFPAK), Digital Finance Practitioners Ghana, ASSOCIATION DIGITAL FRONTIERS SENEGAL (ADF-SN), Association of Ethiopian Digital Finance Practitioners, Association of Digital Finance Practitioner Tanzania, FinTech Association of South Africa, and Digital Frontiers Association Uganda. These DFAs will undergo a comprehensive program that focuses on clarifying their vision, developing their membership structure and value proposition, identifying the legal structure and governance policies, creating a business development and activity plan, building their branding and marketing strategy, and establishing operational management structures and policies.

Our Accelerator Programme is not only a platform for mentorship and support from experts but also an opportunity for our members to learn from each other’s experiences and best practices. By the end of the program, our DFAs will have a solid foundation and action plans to drive forward their mission of promoting digital financial inclusion and innovation in their respective countries.

The growth of our network and the addition of new members have greatly inspired us for the future of digital finance. We firmly believe that collaborative efforts among our members are crucial in driving innovation and promoting digital financial inclusion, leading to the advancement of the industry globally. Together, we can create a positive impact that goes beyond our communities and reaches global proportions.

To learn more about the new members and the Alliance of Digital Finance Associations, visit our website and join us in driving innovation in the digital finance industry.