ADFP aspires to be world class association contributing to the progressive evolution and development of the DFS industry 


The mission of ADFP is to provide training and consultancy to the DFS ecosystem in Zambia


  • Offer technical advice in building the DFS ecosystem
  • Conduct Payment systems sensitisation to the general public
  • Support and Promote Innovation
  • Undertake advocacy for Financial Inclusion

Recent Achievements

ADFP have held many events, including an AGM networking events for its members and webinars on

  • Fintech innovation to beat challenges for covid-19

  • Crowdfunding, is it the key to unlock fintech?

  • Digital intelligence: DFS for rural Zambia

A social media strategy has been developed to help increase membership and awareness of the ADFP. 
Key engagements have also been held with regulators ZICTA, BOZ, and CPCC


ADFP plans to:

  • Hold a seminar and conference for DFS practitioners in Zambia
  • Hold webinars on topics including:
  • Paving the way for Digital Finance Systems (DFS) through Responsive Policy and Regulation
  • Interoperability: Opportunities for innovation and growth for DFS providers
  • Navigating the Transition from Cash to Digital Payments amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Understanding Trends and Consumer Behaviour
  • Analyse trends in Interoperability: A Global, Regional & Domestic Analysis
  • Engage with and invite key stakeholders to events

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