Advocacy and Financial Inclusion through sound financial services digitally


  • To foster adoption of Digital Financial Services in Tanzania through policy advocacy and stakeholder engagement.
  • To produce, provide and disseminate information on current research and practice in digital finance on a non-profit basis.
  • To train, build expertise, increase learning and expand the general pool of professionals skilled in digital finance.
    To promote, advocate and raise awareness of digital finance and related issues.
  • To act as a representative voice of its members and make representation to national and international bodies on digital finance in Bangladesh.
  • To force strategic alliances with relevant agencies nationally and internationally, and work collaboratively together with other organisations to promote and advance digital finance.


Recent Achievements

In 2021 we convened four meetings of digital finance experts.

We provided training and discussions on the opportunity of digital financial services and are forming a pool of experts to deliver further opportunities.

We also established a commission to work on an impact analysis on the government levy on mobile money.



Our key aims are: 

  • Bi-Monthly online series
  • Association launch
  • Alumni event

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