Carlos Mondle

Mozambique Fintech Association

    Carlos Valente Mondle is the Mozambique Fintech Association Deputy President. He is over 23 years of working experience in which was the Banco de Desenvolvimento e Comercio de Moçambique as Head of IT, FNB Mozambique CIO for 10 years with large number of implemented projects in the banking sector. Currently he is working for FSD Mozambique managing the Digital Finance Services Portfolio. Have been involved in many national projects such as Mozambique National Payments Systems, National Switch, new currency (Metical) implementation, etc. He is member of Digital Frontiers Institute in a process of Certificating as a Digital Finance Practitioner. His interests include: Fintechs, automation, banking industry, consultancy, digital solutions & Platforms, Financial inclusion, IT Projects Management. He supports start-ups and youth initiatives and is a member of Jury for many national competitions.

    Charity Chikumbi

    Association of Digital Finance Practitioners



      Charity is Director, Policy and Digital Financial Services at FSD Zambia. She undertakes activities related to advocacy and implementation support of new policies, practices and regulations for digital finance in Zambia by supporting the Bank of Zambia, Ministry of Finance, Zambian Information, Communications and Technology Authority (ZICTA) etc. She also works with the DFS Market, all types of Financial Service Providers and FinTechs, aggregators, accelerators and innovators. Charity has many years of experience as a central banker at Bank of Zambia in various divisions including twelve years in Payment Systems. She has been facilitating the Lusaka DFI Community of Practise for five years, leading to over 250 graduates and facilitates FINTECH Challenges, one at SADC level. She has also been a resource for two Toronto Centre trainings with the Bank of Zambia. She is Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) and pioneered the formation of the Association of Digital Finance Practitioners (ADFP), an Association of DFS Experts. She received an MBA from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, holds a BSc in Computing (Hons.) from Greenwich University.

    Donna Charly Loukakou

    Association Digital Frontiers Senegal


        Donna Charly C. Loukakou is Deputy President at Association Digital Frontiers Senegal and is responsible for the development of the association in digital finance professional communities. He is certified in Digital Money by Tufts University and DFI and he is regional manager for Africa French speaking region at Software Group. He was business analyst Consultant at MicroSave Consulting and local expert consultant at Amarante Consulting. Donna is passionate of the power of technology and he has published articles which have been read by more than +10000 people from financial services providers across the region. He has traveled and worked in different countries and he is bilingual.


    Diana Akullu

    Digital Frontiers Association Uganda

        Diana Akullu is the Chairperson of the Digital Frontiers Association (DFA) of Uganda which fosters collaboration between all the stakeholders in the Digital Finance ecosystem. This association influences policy and product innovation that fosters financial inclusion as a key enabler for Social economic transformation. Financial inclusion in this case is focusing on the underserved in the various parts of the population where a differentiator might be geographic regions, gender, income levels and social economic levels. She has over 10 years’ experience in commercial banking and Technology. Diana is an expert in Digital Finance – Product Management, IT, Project management and Customer Experience. She is currently the Manager, Contact Centre at dfcu Bank where she is driving digital transformation in Customer Experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications engineering and has done the following digital Finance courses awarded by the Tufts University and DFI: Certificate in Digital Money (CIDM), Leading Digital Money Markets (LDMM) and is on the Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) journey.


    Gerald Nyakwawa

    Digital Finance Practitioners

        Gerald Munyaradzi Nyakwawa is a CDFP graduate and a consultant who specialises in finding sustainable solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) and growing national and regional participation of Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the digital payments space. Gerald is an advocate for instant inclusive retail payments and has experience in retail banking and digital financial services. He appreciates and understands what truly drives conversions in the BoP and DFS space. Gerald has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets in Zimbabwe and abroad. His articles have been featured in the Digital Banker Africa, Global CIDEF, Business Weekly, The Standard, News Day and The Manica Post. He has been a panellist and presenter on Financial Inclusion matters in the MENA, SADC EAST and WEST Africa regions. Gerald holds a certificate in law and regulation of inclusive finance from the University of Luxemburg and the Chief Association Executive at the Digital Finance Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe. Gerald is making the leap from impacting profit to impacting lives.


    Md Rashed

    Digital Finance Forum Bangladesh

      Mohammad Rashed is the first Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) from Asia and 5th globally. He played the key role for introducing fully funded scholarship program for Bangladesh Bank (central bank) officials to participate CDFP jointly offered by The Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA and Digital Frontiers Institute, South Africa. He is the Founder and Convener of Digital Finance Forum Bangladesh. Rashed, Joint Director of Bangladesh Bank, has been working in central bank since 2006 and has seven years of experience in AML/CFT supervision of digital finance and payment services. He was the lead author of the Study Paper, “AML/CFT Regulation for Mobile Money: Policy Options for Bangladesh” (2017). He represented Bangladesh Bank in Focus Group on Digital Financial Services (FG-DFS) and Focus Group on Digital Fiat Currency (FG-DFC) and Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI) of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). International standards, policy, regulation and supervision of digital finance, digital economy, FinTech innovation, inclusive growth and AML/CFT are his areas of interest.

    Sarah Corley

    Digital Frontiers Institute

      Sarah Corley is both CEO of the Alliance of Digital Finance Associations and Deputy Director at Digital Frontiers. In her current roles she is responsible for the development of digital finance communities and the evolution of a digital finance profession. Sarah manages Communities of Practice across Africa and Asia, and the League of Digital Finance Professionals, a LinkedIn global community. She also runs the DFI webinar and podcast series, has cultivated a knowledge bank of digital finance resources, and is planning the first ever DFI Alumni Conference. She supported the development of the in-country Digital Finance Associations, and her work on incubating the Alliance of Digital Finance Associations has culminated in her recent appointment as its Chief Executive Officer. Sarah has over 20 years’ experience in capacity building, community development, organisational development, and training and facilitation. She has a MA in Human Resources from Northampton University and is a Certified Digital Finance Practitioner, awarded by Tufts University and DFI.

    Kojo Dougan

    Digital Finance Practioners Ghana

        Kojo Dougan is Senior Consultant at Kyrios Dougan Inc and is an Advisor to a number of fintechs and startups with the responsibility of ensuring best practice approach and developing frictionless user experience modules in digital channels. Kojo is an experienced Business Operations & Strategy Executive with a passion for skills development, mentoring and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is the Vice President of the Digital Finance Practitioners Ghana and is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Alliance of Digital Finance Associations. He is a Certified Solutions Provider with 20 years’ experience in developing iterations and strategizing technology solutions for the private sector and is recognized for leadership strategies, building relationships and planning useful digital finance solutions for financial inclusion providers and dedicated to efficiency, entrepreneurship and long-term results.