The Association of Digital Finance Practitioners (ADFP) Nigeria is a professional association of practitioners of digital financial services which seeks to promote the growth of a digital economy through thought leadership, research and capacity development of its members and the digital finance ecosystem at large.


ADFP has a vision of becoming a world class association contributing to the progressive evolution and development of the digital financial services (DFS) ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond. ADFP is poised at being a dependable industry driver for increasing and deepening access to digital financial services in Nigeria through expansive and inclusive professional membership development opportunities.


Our primary objective at ADFP is to catalyze Nigerian DFS practitioners through professional development aimed at ensuring a greater level of digital inclusiveness for all, especially those at the larger base of the pyramid. Specifically, ADFP seeks to:

  • Provide a platform for continuous education and networking of its members
  • Provide technical advice in building the DFS ecosystem
  • Support and promote innovation.
  • Advocate for and work with related bodies in driving financial inclusion.
  • Provide consultancy services and training, including workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Sensitize stakeholders on DFS value, opportunities and services
  • Promote co-opetition and interoperability within the financial services industry.
  • Stimulate and promote financial markets to work for the poor through stakeholders’ engagements




Recent Achievements

ADFP has key stakeholders’ engagement across the digital financial services ecosystem as a way of contributing to the growth and development of Nigeria’s financial services sector. Some of the core achievements are:

    • A stakeholder engagement with the Nigeria Identity Management Commission (NIMC) on innovative ways of scaling the roll-out of the Nigerian Identity Number (NIN). The engagement which was attended by the Director General of the commission and led to a release of a communique on ‘Digital Identity in Nigeria’ aimed at stimulating the commission and other stakeholders in expanding the roll-out of the NIN enrolment. This effort has led to the expansion of the enrolment and issuance of the NIN, meaning Nigerians can get their NIN at any telco service centre, designated bank, mobile money agent locations, and other authorized enrolment centres.
    • The DFS Practitioners Meet with Ignacio Mas & Industry Leads which brought together key industry leads to discuss the emergence and future of the DFS ecosystem in Nigeria. The meeting which was well-attended had CEOs/MDs of key Nigerian banks, fintechs and other C-Level executives in the DFS ecosystem. A key take-away from the meeting was the need to drive economic inclusion as an antecedent of financial inclusion.


    Key aims are:

    • Elect members into all executive positions
    • Conduct ecosystem impacting webinars on topics around digital financial services
    • Undertake CSR Projects specifically on financial literacy during financial inclusion week and deliver a capacity building workshop for mobile money agents
    • Hold at least six meetings per year for our members
    • Organize an annual conference for the association
    • Follow up on the implementation of the recommendations of communique on National Identity Management
    • Conduct a proposed Product-Customer fit Survey with a partner

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