FINTECH.MZ aims to contribute to the Increase of financial inclusion by developing the digital financial ecosystem between FinTech’s and InsureTech’s companies and their interaction with regulators, banks, insurance companies and government entities, as well as enhancing technological and investment relations with international partners


  • Disseminate information and knowledge on technological innovations in the financial and insurance sector
  • Conduct and disseminate research, analysis, studies and other content on and with value to the sector
  • Develop, defend and implement solutions to disseminate and energize the sector
    establish relations between entities active in the sector, including members and regulators
  • Stimulate the allocation of resources in the sector, including entrepreneurial resources, knowledge, capital, research and development or infrastructure
  • Promote public support for private investment in the sector, both by supporting the creation of the necessary infrastructure and by direct support for investment and R&D
  • Promote the efficiency of infrastructures and legal frameworks, reducing context costs 
  • Promote the exchange of information and experiences between Members and national and international institutions
  • Execute, promote and support actions that promote entrepreneurship, innovation and scientific and technological development in the Mozambican market of Fintech’s and Insurtech’s
  • Conduct promotion marketing actions, dissemination and organization of events such as seminars, conferences, colloquia and internships for its members and the promotion of its services
  • Collect, compile and provide information and technical support
  • Issue documents necessary for the development of economic relations in the sector

Recent Achievements

We have held many recent events, including the following

  • State of financial inclusion Mozambique: FinScope
  • Digital Identity in Mozambique
  • Launch of association and
  • Mozambique Fintech week in 2020 and 2021
  • The role of fintechs in online credit for those with low income
  • Networking and graduation ceremonies for members

We also launched the first annual report of the Mozambique Fintech ecosystem (2020), which featured a foreword from the Governor of Central Bank 


Our plans for the coming months are 

  • Develop a framework for the development of the Fintech ecosystem in Mozambique 
  • Publish the 2021 Fintech annual Report 
  • Hold webinars related to DFS namely: A2A Interoperability, Open Banking, Cloud data services and technologies for innovative services