Become an AllianceDFA Member

AllianceDFA Membership Benefits

Global connections and collaboration

  • Be a member of a credible, reputable, and well-governed global Alliance
  • Creating meaningful collaboration between all industry players in the ecosystem, including regulators and policymakers, fintechs, banks, mobile money operations, microfinance, technology providers, investors, donors, and academia
  • Develop connections and partnerships with other fintech and digital finance associations through a central, global hub
  • Amplification of your work and achievements and promotion of your DFA to a global audience
  • Be promoted as a trusted source of expertise and local partner to work on research, consultancy, and projects

Association Support

  • A central hub actively sourcing and identifying projects, funding, and opportunities DFAs
  • Access to a small grant fund for projects and activity
  • Access advice and support via an Accelerator Program, tools, templates, and mentoring to capacitate the board and management team to establish and grow the DFA
  • Learn from other DFAs and identify best practice for running sustainable and impactful associations

Advocacy and innovation

  • Collectively identify and advocate to solve our industry’s biggest challenges and advance economic resilience and growth for all
  • Be at the forefront of innovation, discussing new ideas and industry trends and creating the future of digital financial services
  • Engage with regulators and policymakers to shape shaping enabling regulations and policy

Thought leadership and capacity building

  • Contribute to working groups, papers, industry insights, and best practice to create recommendations to shape our industry and its regulatory and policy environment
  • Access opportunities and discounts for your members, such as industry news, thought leadership, events, webinars, training, fintech competitions, and awards to help your members attract investment and grow
  • Support to build a capacitated and connected workforce and talent pool in the country

Eligibility to join

Associations with a membership base of digital finance or fintech organisations and professionals, and whose aims align with promoting digital finance and fintech, and increasing financial inclusion are eligible to join. See our criteria for joining here to assess your eligibility.

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