Digital Finance Professionals Ghana aims to promote digital finance transformation and contribute to sustainable development in Ghana.


  • Promote financial inclusion by contributing to financial literacy in Ghana.
  • Promote ethics in digital financial services for responsible digital finance; Develop a pool of skills in digital finance in Ghana.
  • Be a driving force in digital financial services; Contribute to the implementation of the regional strategy on financial inclusion.
  • Participate in activities related to financial inclusion; Be a regional-based digital finance association with assumed leadership; carry out studies and research on digitization.


  • Publish articles – make students and the citizenry aware of the issues and challenges of digital transformation.
  • Give more visibility to the action and benefits of digital financial services
  • Implement appropriate communication strategies to promote digital financial services
  • Contribute towards the promotion and achievement of the SDGs

Recent Achievements

We have held two webinars open to anyone, on the topics of Decoupling FinTech Regulation from Mainstream Banks, and Building an Effective Digital Ecosystem in Ghana

We also provide support for students studying to receive Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) status with Digital Frontiers Institute. This support includes a member-only webinar series, seven webinars have been delivered to date, along with support to write blogs and research papers. 

Networking and social events for members and General Meetings for the Association have also been held. 


  • Facilitate regular events and meetings
  • Partake in national dialogues on Digital Finance Issues
  • Organise a networking event for new members 
  • Write, post and share blogs and articles 
  • Continue with supporting on their CDFP Journey with a webinar series and research papers