We champion the digital finance community through collaborative membership approaches. Our consultative activities and direction are led by members, the digital finance community, and partners, ensuring an inclusive and innovative path forward. Join us in shaping the future of digital finance through collaborative leadership and collective expertise.

AllianceDFA Membership Benefits

Assocation Support

  • A central hub actively sourcing and identifying projects, opportunities and funding on your behalf
  • Access to a small grant fund for projects and activity
  • Mentoring, tools and support to establish and sustainably grow your association
  • Share learning with other associations and identify best practices for association management

Global connections and collaboration

  • Be a member of a credible, reputable, and well-governed, global Alliance
  • Develop connections and partnerships with other fintech and digital finance associations through a central, global hub/li>
  • Amplification of your association’s achievements and activities to a global audience
  • Promotion as a trusted source of expertise and local partner to work on research, consultancy, and projects

Thought Leadership and capacity building

  • Contribute to working groups, papers, and industry insights that shapes our industry and its regulatory environment
  • Access exclusive opportunities and discounts to support your members build capacity and flourish

Advocacy and innovation

  • Collectively identify and advocate to solve our industry’s biggest challenges and advance economic resilience and growth for all
  • Be at the forefront of innovation and leading the future of digital financial services
  • Engage with regulators and policymakers to shape enabling regulations and policy


Partner Member Benefits

AllianceDFA establishes, strengthens and represents country-based Digital Finance and Fintech Associations to drive digital financial services that are inclusive and enable resilience and economic growth. We convene our members, catalyse action, and are the global voice of the profession.


Industry leadership, collaboration, and advocacy

  • An independent, single point of entry to a global network of DFAs, providing a source of reputable local partners to collaborate and deliver activities with WHAT?
  • Collectively identify and advocate to solve our industry’s biggest challenges and remove barriers affecting the ability to innovate and scale
  • Be informed on local market news and trends, the landscape and regulatory environment, and consumer needs through DFAs
  • Add your voice to collective advocacy to shape for enabling policy and regulatory environments that allow digital financial services to innovate and thrive


  • A credible, well-governed, global Alliance providing accountability via a reputable fiscal sponsor
  • Oversight and support for DFAs to operate sustainably and
  • maintain effective governance
    Demonstrable evidence of the achievements of AllianceDFA and its DFA Members


  • Be recognised as a member of a reputable global Alliance leading inclusive and responsible digital financial services
  • Catalyse the growth of the inclusive and responsible digital finance industry
  • Foster meaningful usage of digital financial products and services and  greater financial inclusion